EDUC 8342 Module 3 Assignment: Rhymes of History

Not just social media but Facebook rekindles the past by Linette Rasheed

In the rapidly changing world of technology, sometimes a new technology enhances another one. At other times it makes previous technology obsolete. And then there are technologies that although new, using the new technology is a throwback from the past. Once such technology that is rekindled from the past, representing Rhymes from history, is the social networking site Facebook. When first conceived by founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook was a means for students of Harvard to connect with one another, an internal communication source. Today, having a Facebook account is expected. It is expected not only in the social world but oftentimes in the business world. The popularity of Facebook’s rise to prominence globally is due in part for its ability to connect family and friends, allowing them to keep touch. In the past families took pictures with cameras and shared photos of their children’s birthdays, recitals, graduations, etc., the “good ole fashion way.” Families took pictures, developed them at a local store, and sent them by mail. Although the process of printing and mailing photos sometimes took four days or more, the process fulfilled a basic human desire, a desire to stay connected to love one’s, no matter how far, through pictures of events in their lives.

For grandparents specifically who are separated from their grandchildren by states, sometimes countries, using Facebook makes them feel that they are close, and allows them to relive the moments of their grandchildren’s lives instantly. In essence, the ability to take a photo, and share it on Facebook seconds later, fulfills what Thornburg (2014h) described as the affect or impact of a technology rekindled from the very distant past, not the technology itself. What Facebook does is it allows family members to feel connected to loved ones far away. Facebook rekindles from the past the overwhelming feeling once felt when opening a package in the mail of photos of children and grandchildren’s family vacations, birthdays, recitals, graduation, etc., and replaces it with instant gratification of being there in the moment.
Laureate Education (Producer).(2014h). David Thornburg: Rhymes of history [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author. )


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3 thoughts on “EDUC 8342 Module 3 Assignment: Rhymes of History

  1. Hi Linette,
    Thank you for this interesting post. I agree with you: Facebook allows for photo sharing and rekindles this from the past. Do you think other aspects of Facebook can represent Rhymes of History?

    • Hi Lena. I suppose prolonged use of Google Glass could pose potential health risks. Viewing the display with images, text, and graphics in such close proximity without giving the eyes a break sounds dangerous. Even people who wear glasses and contacts are encouraged to take them off; however, this concept may be overlooked for eager, trendy techies. One disadvantaged I read on a forum about Google Glass suggested that drivers and cyclists should not wear GG because the glasses interfere with a person’s peripheral vision.

  2. Believe it or not Lena, but I’m not on Facebook. With that said, I can not speak firsthand. However I have friends who use Facebook as a forum to discuss newsworthy events. During the Golden Age of Radio listeners would tune in to hear national news. I believe the impact of radio before television is what is rekindled from the past and represents Rhymes of History also from Facebook.

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